3 Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

23/04/2015 11:15

Plantar fasciitis commonly happens to those with flat feet, high arched feet, or those who excessively put pressure on their plantar fascia (i.e. athletes, soldiers).In looking for the right pair of shoes, those who suffer from this condition should keep an eye out for designs that have firm heel counters, dual-density midsoles, and strong arch support. Pairs that can provide the three features mentioned could help lessen the strain that the ligament receives and eventually, it will heal the tiny tears that brought the inflammation and pain.

Seeing as the most immediate method to correct plantar fasciitis is to choose a pair of shoes that can provide maximum support for the plantar fascia, it’s only fitting that brands have caught up to this consumer need and produced models that do just that. New Balance, Asics, Brooks, and Saucony are only a few of the many brands that offer best  plantar fasciitis  shoes. For this article, we are featuring three pairs that cater to the three types of people mentioned previously: the flat footed, the high arched, and those who overexert their plantar fascia.

For people with high arched feet, the Saucony Triumph 10 is a great pair. Its greatest feature is its extra heel padding, which can lessen the shock that the foot receives. In addition, the designers of the Triumph 10 have also enhanced the flexibility of the shoe without compromising the support it gives to the feet. This design has an improved structure of layers as well, allowing the feet to simultaneously have more space to breathe but still be able to remain secure and in place. The Saucony Triumph 10 is made available for both men and women.

For people with flat feet, the New Balance 940v2 should be on the top of their list. Compared to New Balance’s previous models, the 940v2 has a wider and lighter advantage. Plenty of reviews online are raving about their painless experiences with this model, as it has a wide enough toe box for those with flat feet and the cushioning was enough to shield them from the pressures of their strenuous activities. The brand also boasts of the technology behind the 940v2: the Stabilicore, which provides excellent medial support, the N2, which gives the mentioned heel cushioning, and the T-beam, which allows better mid-foot control. The New Balance 940v2 is made available for both men and women.

And lastly, for those who overexert their plantar fascia, the Asics Gel-Evolution 6 is the perfect pair that can keep up with their training. The Evolution 6 has one of the most protected heels as it is filled with foam, gel cushioning, and plastic. Meanwhile, the midsole is made of thermal plastic, which gives the feet the freedom to move naturally without the risk of misalignment. The Asics Gel-Evolution 6, which is made available for both men and women, fulfill the three features required for anyone looking to recover from plantar fasciitis.