What kind of running shoes should you get if you have plantar fasciitis

12/04/2015 21:37

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common pains experienced by runners. If you are experiencing pain and inflammation running across the heel of your foot to the arch, up until the toes, then that means that your plantar fascia is strained. The plantar fascia is the thick tissue that supports the arch on the bottom of the foot. It normally absorbs the shock that the foot inevitably receives during strenuous activities, such as running. If the tension on those ligaments increases beyond the plantar fascia’s limit, it can create tiny tears that can damage your running career in the long run. 

plantar fasciitis(image credit: flickr.com)

The best approach to alleviating yourself of the pain and inflammation is to choose the right kind of running shoes. Make sure to purchase shoes that have firm heel counters. Look for a pair with the right heel support and cushioning. It’s even better to find one that has a shock absorption feature, as this can lessen the force applied on the heel as you run. A dual-density midsole or a rigid midsole can also help keep the feet from rolling inward. And most importantly, keep an eye out for a pair that provides good arch support. Since most of the strain is placed on the arch of the foot, a great amount of pressure is placed on your plantar fascia. If your running shoes have a strong arch support feature, it should act as reinforcements that can lessen the pressure on that specific ligament

While plenty of people consider physical appearance as one of the most important factors when looking for the right running shoes, those who experience plantar fasciitis should consider maximum support as their first. Early correction can prevent further foot injuries. In searching for the right pair, make sure to browse all the options made available to you. Aside from traditionally visiting establishments to find the right fit for your feet, try to research online as well. There are websites that may offer reviews on designs from different brands, all written by people who also experience plantar fasciitis.

Brands such as New Balance, Asics, Brooks, and Saucony offer shoes that are recommended for those with plantar fasciitis.